Re-elect Ian Chadwick

Councillor, Town of Collingwood

The Humane Society,
and animal control

I fought successfully for the town to donate land to the Humane Society for its new shelter. I will continue to fight for the town to provide operational funding to help the shelter care for its animals.

I support the efforts of our Collingwood & District Humane Society. They are a volunteer-run organization who, from their own pockets and from donations by charitable citizens, take care of hundreds of stray and unwanted pets. It costs more than $100,000 a year for them to do so. They are a compassionate and kind group, and their efforts mean a lot to the welfare of the animals. And thanks to the CDHS, the town has to deal with fewer problems involving animals. I believe the municipality should be more openly supportive and help them with some of the costs of running their operation.

Because the problem is more effectively dealt with at the source, I will ask the town to consider support for low-cost spay and neuter clinics for pets to reduce the number of unwanted and stray animals. If we can reduce the number of unwanted litters of kittens and puppies, we can reduce the future problem of strays and abandoned animals considerably.

I will continue to advocate for operational funding for the Collingwood Humane Society, and for enhanced animal control services shared with our neighbouring municipalities.

This November, make a statement about our community's future. Re-elect a councillor who is a positive presence at the table. I am committed to, and care deeply about, this community and its future. I have the experience and the knowledge to continue as an effective, dedicated member of Collingwood Council.

Re-elect a councillor who faces the challenges of a rapidly changing world with confidence and understanding; a councillor who provides fair treatment to every resident and business. I will always keep the public both informed and a part of the process. I will continue to help Collingwood plan, grow and develop intelligently.

I hope I can count on your support.

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