Re-elect Ian Chadwick

Councillor, Town of Collingwood

Business and our downtown

I will continue to support protecting the vitality and integrity of our downtown through intensification and development in the core, and controlled, sustainable growth in commercial zones;

I believe in creating a positive environment for existing business and commerce, and in promoting and encouraging business, industrial and commercial growth in our community;

I believe that while Collingwood is already an inviting place to operate and grow a business, we must actively and aggressively look outside our boundaries to attract new businesses and low-impact industries to locate here.

I supported the two-hour free parking downtown and will continue to advocate for it as long as the merchants believe it is helping their business compete and attract customers.

This November, make a statement about our community's future. Re-elect a councillor who is a positive influence at the table. I am committed to, and care deeply about, this community and its future. I have the experience and the knowledge to continue as an effective, dedicated member of Collingwood Council.

Re-elect a councillor who faces the challenges of a rapidly changing world with confidence and understanding; a councillor who provides fair treatment to every resident and business. I will always keep the public both informed and a part of the process. I will continue to help Collingwood plan, grow and develop intelligently. I hope I can count on your support.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, issues or comments, to make a campaign contribution or to request a lawn sign. Call 444-2023 days (444-1492 evenings) or email me at