Re-elect Ian Chadwick

Councillor, Town of Collingwood

Culture, the Library and
social issues

I fought to get the Library expansion and its new building, and I will continue to support our Library as the town’s most popular and well-used cultural and social facility. The library serves a greater need today than merely a repository for books: it has become a social hub, a focus for community groups and events, our only public art space, and an Internet cafe. I am a passionate supporter of the Library and I  believe it should be supported and fostered. I take great personal pride in having served on the Library board for most of the 16 years I have lived in this community and hope to be able to continue in that role in the next term.

I will continue to support our cultural activities, festivals and special events that attract visitors and promote our community, and especially those which provide business and greater exposure for the community. I think we all benefit from the good media coverage these create, and visitors who receive a warm welcome into our community will want to return - perhaps to live, invest or simply stay for a while.

I believe a community's cultural health is as important as its physical wellbeing and I will continue to advocate for cultural institutions, activities and facilities. While I support recreation and an active lifestyle, I also believe we need culture, the arts, literature and music to complete ourselves.

I believe for our future cultural growth we need a local arts/civic centre with gallery space, performance space, and community meeting areas. I fought unsuccessfully to have such a space built as the third floor of the new Library, but will continue to press for the municipality to partner with the private sector to develop such a space in town.

I wholeheartedly support the town's new initiative to create a Cultural Advisory Committee, but I believe the Library should be a mandatory participant at the table. The Library has the town's only public art gallery that sees many exhibits by a wide range of art groups and individuals, hosts many cultural programs including music concerts,  and has its own Arts Advisory Council to help plan these events. The Library should have a delegate on the committee because the Library is essential to culture in Collingwood. To leave the Library out would be a serious disservice to this community.

I organized our new Sister City relationship with Zihuatanejo, Mexico, and am a member of the Sister City committee organizing student exchanges and visits to and from our new Sister City. This relationship has opened new doors for people interested in cultural and social exchanges with people outside our borders. We have had three official visits from our Mexican Sister City so far, including the first student exchange in fall, 2006, when eight young students came to Collingwood. Next spring, Collingwood students will have the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Zihuatanejo as part of the reciprocal exchange. In the early winter of 2006, a large group of Collingwood residents also went to Zihua to spend their vacations there, and exchange ideas with their Mexican counterparts about how to further this relationship. Contrary to some rumours, I have no property — vacation or otherwise — nor any business or personal investment in Mexico. I simply believe our communities have a lot in common and can share knowledge and culture with one another.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, issues or comments, to make a campaign contribution or to request a lawn sign. Call 444-2023 days (444-1492 evenings) or email me at

This November, make a statement about our community's future. Re-elect a councillor who will continue to be a positive presence at the table. I am committed to, and care deeply about, this community and its future. I have the experience and the knowledge to continue as an effective, dedicated member of Collingwood Council.

Re-elect a councillor who faces the challenges of a rapidly changing world with confidence and understanding; a councillor who provides fair treatment to every resident and business. I will always keep the public both informed and a part of the process. I will continue to help Collingwood plan, grow and develop intelligently. I hope I can count on your support.