Re-elect Ian Chadwick

Councillor, Town of Collingwood

Improving local traffic
congestion, highways
and parking issues

I will continue to advocate improving traffic flow in and around town, including upgrading and improving the congested First Street corridor with a fifth turning lane, and planning for a future bypass.

I will also continue to pressure the province to complete the re-alignment of Highway 26, which will address many of the safety issues on the current stretch of highway.

I will continue to press the province to ensure the re-alignment is completed with a four-lane extension all the way to the Pretty River Parkway, and it does not end inappropriately with a two-lane bottleneck as currently planned.

I supported the two-hour free parking downtown and will continue to advocate for it as long as the merchants believe it is helping their business.

I will continue to advocate for a revised parking standard for assessing how much parking is needed by any new businesses or developments. Right now we have one rate for measuring how many parking spaces are required for all commercial/retail development: 1 space per 23 sq m. for all retail (restaurants require more spaces - 1 for every 4.5 sq. m.).

I support the  latest parking study, which suggests we should change our current ratio to what most municipalities use for retail commercial: 1 space per 31 sq meters. I would also recommend that we use separate ratios for different types of commercial business to better reflect what sort of use they have. I believe we should look at the ratio other municipalities use for restaurants: 1 space per 9 sq. m.

Changing the ratio might show us the downtown isn't nearly as short of parking as our older studies led us to believe, so the new Library may not be affecting the demand at all.

This November, make a statement about our community's future. Re-elect a councillor who will continue to be a positive presence at the table. I am committed to, and care deeply about, this community and its future. I have the experience and the knowledge to continue as an effective, dedicated member of Collingwood Council.

Re-elect a councillor who faces the challenges of a rapidly changing world with confidence and understanding; a councillor who provides fair treatment to every resident and business. I will always keep the public both informed and a part of the process. I will continue to help Collingwood plan, grow and develop intelligently. I hope I can count on your support.

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