Re-elect Ian Chadwick

Councillor, Town of Collingwood, 2010

Thanks for your continued support

Thanks to everyone who elected me to Collingwood Council for the past two terms. I did my utmost to live up to your confidence in me, and to represent your interests. I look forward to your continuing support for the 2010-2014 term.


Why I ran again in 2010

In 2003 and 2006, you elected me to represent you on Collingwood Council. Since then, I have strived to provide a rational, considered voice on all issues, to examine all sides, to weigh all pros and cons, and to vote according to what both my analysis and my conscience said was the best choice for the community at large. I will continue to do that when re-elected.

If you are new to the community, please read my page on How to Vote. Collingwood uses a mail-in ballot system and no longer has polling stations. We also vote at large for council, not through a ward system like most of our neighbours.


Where I stand on issues and events

My track record this terms show I have fought for, defended and advocated many issues, institutions and goals during my two terms on council, including smart planning, open meetings, more public input, lower taxes and a sustainable community. I have laid out my stand, as well as my accomplishments, and my goals for the future in those areas.

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For a PDF version of my brochure, click here. For my single-page fax, click here.

To make comments on municipal issues, please register and leave your comments or questions on my blog. You can also call me (see below) or email me.

I welcome your comments and questions on any of these or other issues. You can call me at home in the


Vote Ian Chadwick for a sustainable, well-planned and vibrant Collingwood

This October, make a statement about our community's future. Re-elect a councillor who will continue to be a positive presence at the table. I am committed to, and care deeply about, this community and its future. I have the experience and the knowledge to continue as an effective, dedicated and conscientious member of Collingwood Council.

Re-elect a councillor who faces the challenges of a rapidly changing world with confidence and understanding; a councillor who provides fair treatment to every resident and business.

I will always keep the public both informed and a part of the process., as I have these pasts even years I will continue to help Collingwood plan, grow and develop intelligently.

 I look forward to your continuing your support.


Contact me

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, issues or comments, to make a campaign contribution or to request a lawn sign. Call 444-1492 (until early evening) or email me at To read my comments on contemporary local politics and other issues, please visit my blog: