Ian Chadwick has shown leadership in keeping municipal spending low and a tight rein on taxes and debt. As your representative, he is proud to have been active in creating fiscally responsible, sustainable budgets that resulted in controlled expenses, reduced debt and low taxes.

This council inherited a record debt of $45 million from the previous council. During this current term, $11 million of that debt was paid off, while taxes have risen only 0.5% on average over the last four years - less than the cost of living increase! That shows Ian's concern for sustainable municipal budgeting and affordable taxes. He knows we need to live within our means, while still providing adequate services and quality of life for all residents and visitors. Ian has helped accomplish that this term.

Ian has been active helping develop strategic plans for the new enhanced economic development department in partnership with existing community agencies and organizations. It will market Collingwood to the province and the rest of Canada, and find creative ways to attract industry, business and visitors to Collingwood. This means jobs and a vibrant economy for everyone.

He supported the new bus links to Blue Mountain and Wasaga Beach this term, to open new opportunities to residents for regional employment and commercial activities. The enhanced and regional transit system won the AMO Gas Tax Award for Ontario in 2014 - in a competition against many other municipalities with much larger populations.

He has championed sustainable and smart growth, active transportation, green energy use, and working cooperatively with developers, industries and commerce, and our neighbouring municipalities towards the common goals of a better Collingwood with adequate housing and jobs for everyone.

Ian promises to continue to work hard for fiscal responsibility and to keep taxes low when re-elected.


Ian's vision for Collingwood remains strong: a community for everyone; walkable and treed, with a vibrant downtown core, a variety of employment opportunities, with trails and buses for healthy lifestyles and active transportation, services and support for all ages, recreation and cultural opportunities everyone can enjoy and participate in. An active, engaged and informed community. A town equally welcoming to residents and visitors, accessible to all ages, attractive and proud of its heritage. A community with a rich variety of housing choices. Economically stable and fiscally cautious, but still forward-looking. A town built on smart growth principles and people-oriented planning. A place that still values and preserves its wild areas and green spaces.

For the 2014-18 term, Ian would like to see electric vehicle charging stations in our municipal parking lots; an updated master plan for the harbour that takes advantage of both the space and any economic opportunities available for development; a new skateboard/BMX park designed with user input; more use of LED technology in street and municipal building lights; a local food strategy; and integrating the culture and events planning functions with our new economic development office. 


Ian Chadwick has long helped the town meet the needs of its citizens for municipal recreation and cultural services without putting extra burdens on the taxpayers.

This term, he voted to approve a beautiful new, year-round ice pad and 400-seat hockey arena, as well as covering Centennial Pool so it could also be used all year, not just the summer. These were done without raising taxes or taking on more municipal debt!

The new, energy-efficient recreational facilities provide local access to additional ice and water time for groups and individuals; both long identified as a community need. These new facilities let parents spend more time with their children and less time on the road. Being able to participate here in Collingwood is safer: parents no longer need to drive to far-away facilities in other towns in snowy, winter months. Our local teams, community groups and schools can participate in activities there year-round, not just in limited seasons.

He voted for the town to work cooperatively with the Curling Club to rebuild and enhance the heritage building at Central Park and extend its services. He also voted to purchase the previously leased land at Fisher Field to ensure long-term use for our local soccer clubs. He has asked for public input from users into the redesign and relocation of the skateboard/BMX park. He supported tax and development charge relief for the Pretty River Academy so it could erect is sports dome. He would like to see the existing skateboard/BMX park rebuilt with input on the design from the users to make it a world-class facility.

He also supported the redevelopment of the Eddie Bush Arena, with the installation of a new cement floor, so it can be used for new downtown activities and events, such as trade shows, entertainment and conferences in the future. He believes our downtown is the heart of the community and every effort should be made to attract business and growth to the core. He would like to see more events and activities held downtown.

Ian is passionate about literacy and learning. As a long-term member of the Collingwood Public Library board, Ian has supported library services and programming. He was instrumental in getting the new, expanded library approved during his first term on council. The new library has vindicated that effort by continued growth in usage. it is the most popular, well-used facility in town.

He supported redevelopment of Hume Street this term, to make it a three-lane corridor to the downtown (construction begins in 2014). He has always promoted trail development and parklands. This term, he supported the Harbourview Labyrinth, upgrades to the roads and trails around Sunset Point Park and has argued publicly for the preservation of local green space.

Ian is a long-time supporter of the Georgian Triangle Humane Society and lobbied for the GTHS to get town land to build its new shelter. He later briefly served on its board of directors. He has advocated for financial and policy support for the shelter. He and his wife currently have two rescue dogs and four rescue cats.

He also supports local artistic and cultural initiatives, from public art to buskers to music events and waterfront activities. He is the founder of the local ukulele club at the Collingwood Public Library.

He wants to get electric vehicle charging stations installed in municipal parking lots to encourage more of these vehicles to come to Collingwood, and help reduce greenhouse gases. He also wants to see more energy-efficient LEDs in municipal buildings and street lighting.


As both a resident and a politician, Ian has participated in many local activities, boards and committees. He was a long-time volunteer and later council representative, actively contributing to the community's well-being for the past two decades. In this service, he learned how community organizations work and how they interact with the residents and with councils.

As a reporter and later as managing editor of a local newspaper, and correspondent for CBC Radio, Ian covered municipal councils and politics throughout the Georgian Triangle. He learned about the processes, the people and the policies of municipal government and put this knowledge to good use when elected to Collingwood Council.

Ian was owner/operator of a successful franchise business in Collingwood for 11 years. That experience taught him important lessons in financial management, budgeting, deadlines, staff relations and customer service.

He wants to use his experience and background to continue to help our town and its residents; to complete initiatives started this term, including the overhaul of our governance structure, creating a master plan for our harbour, a new economic development initiative, and implementing long-term financial, budgeting and asset management plans prepared this term.

Ian has the experience, the track record, and the insight to continue to serve as your trusted representative.


As a voracious reader and always asking questions before meetings, Ian comes to the council table prepared, having read the material and been informed by staff and residents about the issues. He will always make the most informed, most educated decision possible and is not afraid to vote against or defer an issue where he does not believe sufficient information has been forthcoming or when the benefit has not been fully explained.

Ian believes in getting public comment and keeping residents informed about decisions and council's activities. This term he helped the town organize and produce several newsletters about important issues and events in Collingwood. He was instrumental in the hiring of a communications officer for the town.

He reads and keeps up with relevant provincial legislation, bylaws and policies that affect the governance of this community and stays current with initiatives by provincial (AMO) and federal (FCM) municipal organizations. He also pays attention to trends in urban planning, environment, technology, sustainability and active transportation.

Ian has been the advocate for many issues and policies over the years and has brought citizens' concerns and interests to the table many times. He looks forward to being able to do it again, with your support.

Vote for a councillor who CARES passionately about this town and about good governance. Re-elect Ian Chadwick in the upcoming municipal election.

Your vote matters. Collingwood has a mail-in ballot. Forms will be sent to residents in the first week of October. They should be returned by mail or delivered to town hall no later than Oct. 27, 2014. You may choose up to seven members of council, but you are not required to choose all seven. You also vote for a mayor, deputy mayor and school board trustee.