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Welcome to ianchadwick.com. Herein are my pages and essays about Henry Hudson, tequila, Triumph Motorcycles, William Shakespeare, hot peppers, Canadian unity, W650, Mexico, Cuba, SUVs, sign bylaws, harmonica reviews, and more. Included are rants, raves, passions, nonsense and sockdolagers, with a few interesting links and some educational brouhaha, by Collingwood's former newspaper editor, and still resident curmudgeon and mumpsimus. Click the links or the pictures to jump to the appropriate section. Last updated: October 28, 2007. All of my sites are undergoing constant upgrades, changes and renewals. The new tequila site is completed and was put online in late June, 2007, replacing the existing site, in June, 2007. If a particular page appears down or unavailable, please check back again in a short while - it is probably just being rebuilt and will be restored in a short time.
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I am a Canadian writer and editor, with a passion for history, sociology and the sciences. Click this link to read my biography.


Updated Jan. 14, 2008

  In Search of the Blue Agave
Tequila: In Search of the Blue Agave
Production, history, culture, agaves, research, diseases, brands, regulation, politics, world tequila culture, tasting, glasses, tours and more. NEW: 2008 Pocket Guide to Tequila is now available in both printed and PDF formats. Updated edition.
Henry Hudson biography and timeline
The Life & Voyages of Henry Hudson
The life of the early English explorer who sough the elusive Northwest Passage. With notes about his life, his voyages, his contemporaries and the times. 
New additions, sources and historical material
as of May, 2007.
Looking for local politics, book reviews, movie reviews, national political commentary, social comment, pop culture, rants, raves and screeds? Then check out my blog. That's where you'll read all my latest writing. Forum members can also comment on my writing.
Triumph Bonneville Scrambler
Triumph Motorcycle Timeline
125 years of Triumph Motorcycle history, models and personalities. Soon to be updated and revised.

Essays, commentaries, politics and rants
Shakespeare, hot sauces, the year 2000, SUVs, the Cuban question, Mexico and more. For my most recent writing and essays, check my blog. Also see my review of harmonicas.
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