British motorcycle manufacturers - L

Last update June 6, 2003

Ladies' Pacer 1914, build on Isle of Guernsey.
Lagonda 1902-05
lancer 1904
L&C 1904
Lea-Francis 1911-26. Bicycle and early motorcycle manufacturer, founded by Graham Francis and R. H. Lea (Graham's son, Gordon, would go on to co-found Francis-Barnett).
Leonard 1903-06
Lethbridge 1922-23
Le Vack 1923
Levis Made two-stroke machines from 1911 to 1931, when it added a line of four-strokes. First Levis was made in the Norton works, by Bob Newey, but turned down by James Norton.  Newey joined with brothers Arthur and Billy Butterfield, and their sister Daisy (whom he later married) to set up their own company. Their first model was a 211cc machine. They achieved their first racing success at the 1920 TT with a 247cc machine, repeated in 1922. As a result, they adopted the slogan, "The Master Two Stroke"  for their machines. Several models were made up to a 600cc single. Continued until 1941 when war ended production.
LGC Small Birmingham company that used Villiers and JAP engines. Founded by Len Grundle in 1926. Closed in 1931.s
Lily  1906-14
Lincoln-Elk 1902-24
Little Giant 1913-15
Lloyd 1903-26. Heavy sidevalves; 499cc singles and 842cc V-twins.
London 1903
Lugton 1912-14
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