I have made no effort to be exhaustive in my descriptions, or to duplicate the work of the authors listed below.
I recommend you go to these sources for more detailled information and pictures.

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  • See also separate my list of  sources for Triumph motorcycles at
Note: There is often discrepancy in the years indicated for many manufacturers and models, depending on the source. Some of these are noted by including alternate dates in parentheses with a question mark. Dates can be confusing: some machines are dated from production, others may be dated from announcements of upcoming models. Models may cease production, but continue to be sold until stock is exhausted. Early companies changed names and owners frequently, sometimes the same names were used by different companies at different times, and production was often interrupted, so it is difficult to date many machines with absolute certainty. Some models were released under their own marque rather than a parent company's marque, others were simply rebadged variations of existing models.
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