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Tandon  Founded by Indian-born Devdutt Tandon in 1948 to make medium and lightweight motorcycles, first powered by 125cc (later 197cc) Villiers engines. Used novel rear suspension. Made Milemaster, Supaglid models, a Kangaroo trials model and Starlett, as well as several others. Closed in 1955 (57?).
Tee-Bee 1908-11. Also called Tee-Bee Glasgow.
Temple 1924-28
Thomas 1904
Thomas Silver 1909(?) Built same as Quadrant and Silver machines.
Thorough 1903
Three-Spires 1931-32. Same company built Wee McGregor and Coventry B&D.
Tickle 1963-73. Acquired rights to Manx Norton after AMC closed.
Tilston 1919 (1917-19?)
Tooley's Bi-Car 1905. Produced by Zenith.
Toreador 1924-26 (1924-28?) Built by Bert Houlding, who also built Matador.
Torpedo 1910-20. Same as Elswick, built by Hopper bicycle company.
Townend 1901-04. Also called Townsend-Coventry.
Trafalgar 1902-05
Trafford 1919-22
Trebloc 1922-25. Clip-on engines.
Trent 1902-06
Triple-H 1921-23. Built by Hobbis brothers.
Triplette 1923-25. Built by Hobbis brothers.
Triton   A name given to a Triumph engine placed in a Norton Featherbed frame to create a racing bike, and cafe racer popular with Rockers of the 1960s. Most famous Triton maker is Dave Degens, who formed Dresda Engineering. Another hybrid, the Tribsa, combined the Triumph engine within a BSA frame.
Triumph   Perhaps the greatest of all British marques and the only one that remains today. Began motorcycle production in 1902. The 1938 Speed Twin, designed by Edward Turner, changed motorcycling design, racing and production. See bottom of page for links to Triumph Motorcycle Timeline at
Trobike 1960-61. Mini-bike.
Trump 1906-23. Successful racing machines at Brooklands.
Turner By-Van 1946-58. Two-wheeled goods carrier.
Tusroke 1919
Tyler 1913-23 (1913-18?) After 1918 known as Metro-Tyler.
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