British motorcycle manufacturers - U

Last update April 23, 2001

Umberslade Hall Not a manufacturer, but a think tank; an expensive, common research laboratory at Umberslade Hall (becoming known as "Slumberglade Hall," "Marmalade Hall" and "Mecca" because they "mecca balls up of everything"). It was assembled by Triumph and BSA to redesign motorcycles. It included few motorcycle engineers, but boasted a lot of engineers, many fresh from university. The cost to run the think tank, with its 300-member staff, was about 1.5 million pounds a year. A massive computer system worthy of NASA is installed.. The result of their Umberslade's early cogitations was the too-tall, generally disparaged oil-in-frame Bonneville.
Unibus 1920-22. Advanced scooter made by Gloucestershire Aircraft Co.
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