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Many people have discovered that a full appreciation on tequila the spirit comes best in concert with a visit to the land of the Blue Agave. Even a day trip to the birthplace of tequila can enrich one's knowledge and understanding of the drink and its role in Mexican culture. There is enough to see and do in central Jalisco that a full week is recommended.


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The Pocket Guide to Tequila and Mezcal

Available as a PDF or printed copy sent by mail


2009 Pocket Guide to tequilaIf you're travelling to Mexico soon, you'll want to bring along a copy of my handy Pocket Guide to Tequila, which sums up all the facts lore and wisdom in this site in an easy-to-carry booklet - with an up-to-date list of NOM numbers so you can check those bottles before you buy.


This little guide is updated annually with news, data and information about the industry. You can carry it around in a shirt pocket to refer to any time you go in search of tequila or mezcal, and become an expert in a few minutes. The price is right, too - you can order the PDF files to print yourself, or order a printed copy.


The guide has not been updated with new NOM lists abut this can be obtained on the CRT website. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open and print the PDF file. Visit for a free copy first if you don't already have it!


Reading thew labels pages from 2007 pocket guide to tequilaThe cost is: FREE! But I would appreciate a small donation if you find it useful.


Click here for the printable version and click here for the screen version.


The images below show some sample pages from the PDF file (four pages per sheet, set up for printing and collating) Note the JPG files shown here are not as crisp and clear as the printed copy or the PDF files! The sample pages shown here may not always be from the current edition.


2007 Pocketguide coverCover of my 2006 field guide


Field Guide sample page 1 Pocket Guide sample page 2



























Field Guide sample page 3Samples pages from the 2007 pocket guide to tequila






























The PDF version of the guide prints on legal-sized (8.5 x 14") paper, double sided. Fold it, cut one edge, staple the middle and you have a pocket guide you can take to Mexico! If your printer won't accept legal paper, refer to the screen version.


Contact me about reprint rights!



The images below are samples from the reading edition.


2009 Tequila Pocket Guide - reading version 012009 Tequila Pocket Guide - reading version 01

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