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Mezcal faces the same problems with its monoculture as tequila: with emphasis on the espadin agave as the source for 95% of all mezcal, a weakened gene pool from decades of cloning is exacerbated by the growing demand for product. In the 1960s, pinas averaged 200 kgs - today they average only 50 kg. Some companies, like Scorpion, are cultivating other agave for production, including the rare tobala and the massive aruqueno.


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Updated May, 2011

2009 Tequila Calendar


A year of beautiful full-colour photographs from the regions around Tequila and Los Altos. All images taken by and copyright your administrator, taken on our 2008 forum tour. Click here to see the ad in full size and look at some sample pictures chosen for this calendar.

All sales help maintain and update this forum and my website.


All pictures were taken by me and are copyright Ian Chadwick.

Cost is $12.50 including mailing to USA and Canada, or $15 international. Contact me for discounts on large multiple-calendar purchases.


A printable PDF will be available as a download for $10.


Calendars are ready for mailing now (September, 2008). PDF will be available in  fall, 2008.

Use this button for all US or Canadian orders. Cost is $12.50 USD, including postage.
Use this button for all other international orders. Cost is $15 USD, including postage.
Pay via PayPal donation button on any forum page or this Web page and include your mailing address (send a separate email with mailing instructions). Hurry - 2009 is just around the corner! I think you'll really like this calendar!

Click here for the 2009 Tequila Calendar ad in PDF

Note: This is NOT the same as the tour members' calendar! Tour members will get a different last page of pictures featuring the group.



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